HIPAX ESTER PVT.LTD is a manufacturer of Cellulose Acetate Phthalate (C - A - P) & Hydroxy Propyle Methylcellulose Phthalate (HPMC - P) We takes pride in launching two popular high-tech,high-purity,versatile polymers namely HPMCP (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose phthalate) and C-A-P (cellulose acetate phthalate ) for coating of pharmaceutical tablets,granules,pellets and capsules.resist prolonged exposure to highly acidic gastric fluids but readily dissolve in mildly acidic to neutral environment of the small intestine and their degree of solubility in aqueous environment is directly related to pH.Their sensitivity to pH permit their use as enteric film coating polymers or matrix binders and can be processed into solid dosage forms from organic or aqueous coating systems or by direct compression / granulation. Both products offer wide formulation latitude to pharmaceutical industry and are derived from natural cellulose, the most abundant and renewable organic resource on the planet earth. C-A-P & HPMCP besides being excipients for enteric coating of tablets are also known (since recent past) to have biocidal properties & are likely to play key role in monitoring / controlling ever-frightening HIV-1 & alike viruses and STDs.


While introducing to industry these products HPMCP & C-A-P "we share with you our pride with modesty & humility & rededicate ourselves to give the industry our very best in cellulose specialties of highest international standards at competitive price & with professional service with a smile."

A pharmaceutical application for coating pills. This coating plays an important role in many medications. Pill coating makes taking pills more pleasant and more importantly it makes certain the pill is digested correctly. The pill coating also protects the chemicals in the tablet. Some medications need to be digested slowly, pill coating assists in this time release function. Thus, various pills have different requirements regarding their coating. Customer requires an accurate metering system to measure air for their pill coating process and a system that can be easily incorporated into their operation. Accuracy is very important in this process.